R&D Center

SEJIN R&D Center

SEJIN established a technology research center in May 2006 to advance the development of the shipbuilding material industry, and modularized shipbuilding equipment to speed up shipbuilding schedules. We currently are targeting different fields, such as the defense industry and hydrogen supply industry, and are working on securing our own technology.

In the hydrogen supply industry in particular, we are using our accumulated piping manufacturing technology to work on developing pipes that can withstand hydrogen embrittlement and ultra-high pressure. We are also simultaneously strengthening strategic technological partnerships with leading global companies to develop high value-added products as well as developing new technology by networking with domestic and international research and development institutions.

SEJIN will continue to work our hardest with our innovative mentality to develop products that our clients will appreciate and find reliable.

R&D Activities

  • 01  3D Design

    Leading R&D innovation by ensuring aesthetic beauty and excellent performance

  • 02  Analysis

    Improving product performance and satisfying client needs through the application of optimal design and analysis techniques

  • 03  Simulation

    Maximizing operability and economic efficiency through digital virtual operation

  • 04  Testing

    Test and verify product or technology performance, safety, and regulatory compliance