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Ship Engine Business

Low/Mid Speed Engine Piping

With the ability to perform inspections for world-leading engine engineers and shipowners like Man Energy Solution, APMM, and BP, we have over 30 years of manufacturing know-how and provide complete piping (ship-class/ non-ship-class) for ship main/ power generation engines.

Core Products
F.O Line, Exh' Hyd' Line, F.W Line, L.O Line, Starting Air Line, Drain Line, LDCL/JWRS Line
  • Low-speed Exh' Hyd' Pipe

  • Low-speed F.O Main Hyd' Pipe

  • Low-speed Main F.O Pipe

  • Low-speed Main Module Pipe

  • Low-speed Main Piston Cooling Oil Pipe

  • Low-speed Outlet Pipe

  • Low-speed Piston Cooling Oil Pipe

  • Low-speed Protective Tube Pipe

  • Low-speed Starting Air Pipe

  • Medium-speed Loop Expansion Joint

  • Medium-speed Main H.T Collecting Pipe

  • Medium-speed Main L.O Pipe

  • Medium-speed Protection Pipe

  • Medium-speed Small L.O Pipe