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Shipbuilding Business

Shipbuilding Equipment

We are capable of designing individual module units and cabins customized for our clients, and we are able to meet the requirements of each ship-classification association based on our manufacturing expertise and know-how accumulated over many years. In addition, we are able to provide our clients with a structure that is easy to inspect, optimal prices, and the best quality. We manufacture large tank top units based on our experience in assembling module units, and we produce spool piping and reduce pieces related to shipbuilding.

Core Products
Tank Top Unit, F.O Supply Unit, F.W Supply Unit, Purifier Unit, Deck Unit, Reduce Piece, Spool Pipe
  • Tank Top Unit

  • F.O Supply Unit

  • B.W.T.S Module

  • Purifier Unit

  • F.W Supply Unit

  • L.O Purifier Unit

  • M.G.O Purifier Unit

  • Deck Unit

  • Reduce Piece