Business area

Shipbuilding Business

Manufacture and Design

Our custom modeling using 3D design programs (AM/TRIBON) lowers the client’s construction costs and optimizes the manufacturing process by preemptively inspecting interference and malfunctions in the manufacturing and design processes in the shipbuilding business. This way, we are able to save project costs and time while improving visual communication to improve project management.

Key Tasks

  • 1 3D Modeling Work : We generate precise 3D models to meet our clients’ needs.
  • 2 Manufacturing Blueprint, Installation Blueprint Supply : We provide support for smooth production and installation by creating accurate blueprints for manufacturing and installation.
  • 3 Material Quantity Calculation : We accurately calculate the amount and types of materials needed to optimize material management.
  • 4 Follow-up : We continuously monitor the project status and promptly solve issues to successfully complete projects.